Name: Эльза
Height: 165
Weight: 53
Bust size: 4
Age: 20
Name: Каролина
Height: 172
Weight: 48
Bust size: 1,5
Age: 22
Name: Лиана
Height: 160
Weight: 45
Bust size: 1
Age: 24
Name: Эмма
Height: 172
Weight: 53
Bust size: 1
Age: 19
21_10 Detail
Name: Аня
Height: 165 см
Weight: 52 кг
Bust size: 1,5
Age: 25 лет
Yana Yana Detail
Name: Ирина
Height: 170 см
Weight: 48 кг
Bust size: 2
Age: 30 лет
Name: Адель
Height: 160
Weight: 55
Bust size: 3
Age: 20
Name: Элина
Height: 175
Weight: 59
Bust size: 3
Age: 21 год
Ruslan 21_10 Ruslan Detail
Name: Леонардо
Height: 195 см
Weight: 90 кг
Natali 10_21 Natali Detail
Name: Натали
Height: 162 см
Weight: 52 кг
Bust size: 1
Age: 28 лет
Zara Zara Detail
Name: Алсу
Height: 170 см
Weight: 58 кг
Bust size: 3,5
Age: 25 лет
  • In honor of the birthday we give discounts:

    эротический массаж скидка

  • Who of us after a hard day filled with stress and troubles wouldn’t like to feel relaxation and gain an unforgettable pleasure? With the SPA Randevu salon that won’t be a problem, we offer our clients erotic massage in Kaliningrad. Such procedure will be helpful for resting after a rough day and restoring strength.

Erotic massage salon in Kaliningrad – unforgettable pleasure!

Erotic massage is popular, because it allows You to gain pleasure immersing yourself in the world of complete relaxation. A friendly atmosphere in the Salon invites to get enjoyment learning pleasant sides of Your sense of own body. Masseurs and masseuses– whose art is at the highest level, will give You unforgettable emotions and impressions. A day spent with us will be an excellent way to spend time pleasantly experiencing new sensations.

Our company offers special complexes for women and couples. As a result, both he and she will get a wonderfull rest. Only real professionals work in the Salon that do their best for a guest to relax and enhance health.

Erotic massage in Kaliningrad is:

  • various techniques and scenarios;
  • opportunity to change the number of massage specialists;
  • four-handed massaging;
  • caressing with different parts of body.

Try ingenious ideas of the Salon and your concepts of massage will never be the same as before! Lingam massage gives a man an opportunity to gain completely different experience that shall involve the most tender and sensitive sides of His essence. Masseuses use their lips and body to massage you, their great level proficiency guarantees getting unforgettable impressions.

All persons have their own peculiarities and preferences, each person is a bright individuality.

Massage specialists of the Salon always take into consideration clients’ preferences from the first minutes of his/her staying at the Spa Club. Even the most sophisticated guest will find satisfaction for his/her desires. The erotic massage salon offers excellent conditions for men and women, for a married couples and groups of friends.

The advantages for the clients are:

  • convenient location;
  • guarded parking;
  • stylish and luxury design of the Salon;
  • professional specialists, proficient in various techniques;
  • full range of massage complexes.

Everyone can plunge into the world of deep-seated sensitivity 24 hours a day, as the Salon works 24/7. Moreover, the Salon guarantees 100% confidentiality. Erotic massage is an opportunity to experience other emotions, pass through inexpressible sensations, every time meeting new feelings. There are no doubts that You will come back and continue to explore the depths of body bliss!

Программы эротического массажа

50 Dobrolyubova Str., г. Kaliningrad

Tel.: 8 (4012) 400-343


Салон эротического массажа эротический массаж

эротический массаж эротический массаж салон эротического массажа эротический массаж

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