PRICE: 11 500/ 13 800 RUB

Did You come to us with Your friend? Just great! Especially for you, our masters have prepared a program that will open your sexual and energy potential for one hundred percent and allow you to pamper yourself with some delicacies: You can exchange partners during the session.

  • taking a shower or enjoying a Jacuzzi with a girl – before or after the program;
  • erotic program component in a shower;
  • girl-massage specialist shall be fully naked, touching her body is allowed;
  • health improvement part using oil;
  • erotic part using oil;
  • buffet/ hookah/tea ceremony.


50 Dobrolyubova Str., г. Kaliningrad

Tel.: +7 952 790-74-34

E-mail: Sparandevu@gmail.com

Салон эротического массажа эротический массаж

эротический массаж эротический массаж салон эротического массажа эротический массаж

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