For her

Every woman knows what can bring her to a peak of enjoyment, deliver unearthly pleasure. Just tender touches, strokings, natural and true caress are quite enough. Everything is simple, but not every man can do that, while there is no need to explain it to a woman, it is in her nature; and, therefore, every action when she caresses another woman is performed instinctively: she does the things that she would like to be done with her. Our professionals are experts in such delicate and sensitive matter and invite girls to erotic massage. Female clients are guaranteed light, relaxing environment and a flood of unforgettable sensations. The massage is performed using no “adult” toys and special means for an arousal. Sex services are excluded. You can choose any female massage specialist.


PRICE: 5 700 RUB


PRICE: 8 600 RUB

50 Dobrolyubova Str., г. Kaliningrad

Tel.: +7 952 790-74-34


Салон эротического массажа эротический массаж

эротический массаж эротический массаж салон эротического массажа эротический массаж

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