PRICE: 7 500 RUB

Test Your strength – watch from the sidelines how Your lover is exuding sweet languor … Try to keep cool, if You can. Your girlfriend shall be met by our female employee dressed in sexy lingerie, who then will commence the most tender caresses of Your lover’s body putting into play all her tools available – stroking, massage; light, scarcely felt touches, each of which raises to voluptuous exhaustion.

If the watching becomes really unbearable, You can join that erotic party. Or – if wished – stay alone with Your other half and even invite a “spectator” of your pleasures. This is an unique chance to try and experience something new, chill out and get a portion of adrenaline rush, visual and sensual pleasure – the whole gamut of emotions, soar above the ground casting away wrong shame. Choose Yourself how You are going to spend these one and a half hours…

Upon the completion of the program, You have an opportunity to stay alone with Your partner in a room for 1 hour (1 000 RUB).


  • buffet/hookah/tea ceremony;
  • taking a shower with a girl – before and after the program;
  • erotica in a shower;
  • the girl is fully naked, touching her body is included;
  • health improvement part using oil;
  • erotic part using oil.


Each program for pairs is created on an individual basis by relying on your desires and preferences. We are convinced that once you visit us, you will return again…

In addition to a chosen service you can order:

– Jacuzzi – 500 RUB;
– hookah – 1 000 RUB;
– dance – 1 500 RUB.

In any chosen exclusive program it is possible to include elements of the «Yin Yang» program – 1 000 RUB

50 Dobrolyubova Str., г. Kaliningrad

Tel.: +7 952 790-74-34


Салон эротического массажа эротический массаж

эротический массаж эротический массаж салон эротического массажа эротический массаж

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