Salon Rules


Salon Rules

1. Persons under the influence of alcohol and narcotic intoxication cannot be clients of the Salon.

2. The Salon’s employees do not provide sex services.

3. A massage specialist may end a relaxation procedure, if:

  • - there are offers or attempts to force to have sex;
  • - penetrating caresses of the groin and bikini zone.

4. It is prohibited to bring inside photography and video recording equipment, dildos, vibrators, and condoms.
If an attempt to take the specified items in a massage room is made, the girl shall ask to leave them in the reception room.

In such cases money paid for the services won’t be refunded
Unconditional adherence to the rules makes visiting our Salon comfortable and safe for our guests! We strictly follow our rules! We hope for your understanding!

Dear guests, the activities of our Spa Club are aimed to provide visitors with various services to achieve relaxation and feel body and mind refreshed. We understand all complexity and pressure of modern life, rushing rhythm of the Big City gives no opportunity to have a full-scale relaxation and hit the pause button in your activities. Our Spa Club will be pleased to offer that resting time to its visitors. We work with a desire to enhance physical well-being of our visitors by the effect of rest, providing of comfort environment and relaxation in our Salon. We hope to provide our clients with an individual approach. We position ourselves as a spa club engaged in activities for fitness and health and rendering of personal domestic services. We do not provide medical services. Massage elements that we use in our individual relaxation programs is not medical massage. The opportunity to gain comfort and relaxation granted to our visitors is grounded on a considerate attention to our clients, friendly and positive attitude of the staff of the Spa Club. Our services are based on fine practices of the Eastern world and achievement in culture of the Western world. Various techniques are applied to relax the guests and relieve their stress. The choice of the system for relaxation from the offered in the Spa Club is left to the discretion of the visitors according to the price list. We offer You to visit a tea ceremony in our Spa Club organized in keeping with the best Eastern traditions. During a tea-meeting talk in company with a friendly staff of the Spa Club a visitor can reach psychological comfort, positive attitude and relaxation. We give an opportunity to stay in silence, if a visitor of the Spa Club wishes it. Our employees are selected and trained very carefully. The specialists that perform relaxation programs have all necessary training. The Spa Club is always kept scrupulously clean and its sanitary conditions are constantly maintained. We guarantee to provide You with full and true information about the services that our visitors get. Absolutely confidentiality!

Out Spa Club is strongly against providing any sex services. All our services follow one concept of the Spa Club – provision of comfort, rest and relaxation for visitors of the Spa Club through different techniques not prohibited by law and that do not conflict with culture of society. We treat with care the moral health of people, and, for this reason, we do not allow to come to the Spa Club being under the influence of alcohol, to smoke during the programs. Underage persons will not be allowed to be in our Spa Club. It is strictly forbidden to make the staff of the Spa Club offer to have sex in any way. Visitors may not offer the employees of the Spa Club to meet outside of the Spa Club. All these deeds as coming into contradiction to the concept of the Spa Club may be a basis to discontinue a relaxation program and completely refuse the visitor in getting services of the Spa Club. We kindly ask You to be attentive to our Rules of visiting of the Spa Club, keep away from conflict situations, keep away from violating ethical standards on the territory of the Spa Club that harm the reputation of and give offence to a person awakening disgraceful instincts. The Consumer Right Protection Law and Rules of Population Domestic Servicing are applied to all the services of the Spa Club. They are available for knowing on the information stand. In the Spa Club there is a Customer Feedback Book which is given to a client by the administrator on customer’s request. We continually work in an effort to offer our visitors new programs, to enhance the quality of service provision inviting in the Club, for that purpose, only the best specialists with a relevant education and qualification to train our staff. Individual elements of erotica used by the employees of the Spa Club in several programs are aimed exclusively to satisfy cultural and esthetic needs of a visitor of the Spa Club.

We trust our guests and, therefore, when a person applies for services of the Spa Club, we do not require to present a passport or other identity document. A visitor of the Spa Club shall specify his/her personal data in a contract for rendering of services, sign it confirming by that that he has read and understood the Rules of visiting our Spa Club and services price list. When the time of the Visitor’ staying comes to end, upon payment of all amount due, the Administrator gives back the contract for rendering of services to the visitor. The Spa Club saves no copy of contracts for rendering of services concluded with visitors respecting clients’ right to personal privacy.

A customer shall be obliged to pay for a service provided by the executor within the terms and in the manner specified in the price list for the services rendered by the Spa Club. Visitors must read and understand the price list before a program provided by the Spa Club starts. The price list is always available on the Administrator’s desk in the lobby. If questions concerning a manner of the payment or price of individual services arise, a customer may obtain all necessary information from an Administrator of the Spa Club. A visitor must pay fully for the work at the moment of the signing the contract for rendering of services of the Spa Club. It is permissible to make an advance payment for services of the Spa Club. If a visitor paid for a certain period of a relaxation program, but overstayed, the amount paid for the service shall be considered as an advance payment, and the final settlement shall be made on the basis of an actual time spent on the relaxation program. In any case, a visitor may be provided with services of the Spa Club without a prepayment, but only at the discretion of an Administrator. If this occurs, the visitor must pay for the services of the Spa Club upon completion of the procedures. The time payable shall be estimated from the moment the visitor entered the room for relaxation. If the time for which a visitor of the Spa Club has paid is over, but he wishes to continue his staying enjoying relaxation procedures, the payment for additional time must be made at the first request of an Administrator. If questions arise regarding the value of the performed program, the Administrator, at the request of the visitor, shall write out a bill with an explanation of each line of invoiced amount due. Leave tips for any employee of the Spa Club is exclusively according to wishes of a visitor.


The administration of the Salon may deny service to a visitor without explaining the reason.

50 Dobrolyubova Str., г. Kaliningrad

Tel.: +7 952 790-74-34


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